Let’s talk about the Kozma Curl Dry Cutting Technique

Today we will discuss the topic of dry cutting for curly hair.

Make your favorite beverage (mine’s coffee), curl up (pun intended), and get comfortable.

We are about to dive into the fascinating world of dry cutting.

What is the Kozma Curl Dry Cutting Technique?

You might have heard about dry hair cutting. You even might have heard that it is beneficial for curls to be cut dry. But, do you understand why?

It is crucial that curls are ”read” correctly during a cut. This is because of the spring factor. Curly hair behaves completely differently when wet.

We have developed our own method, the Kozma Curl Method to shape your hair. Our revolutionary method of cutting is a special dry cutting technique. We cut hair dry, in its natural form and always after a hydration and style. Each individual curl is cut. We find this to be the ideal environment for curls, because if curly hair is cut wet, the spring factor can be manipulated incorrectly and misinterpreted, which results in curls that are shorter than intended, with an unbalanced shape.

This unique form of cutting allows the stylists to sculpt each client’s hair, according to their individual look, curl formation, and style.

We are also very well known for the Kozma Curl Dusting Technique. This is our micro-trim technique that we use frequently with our curly customers who are length conscious and want healthy hair without sacrificing length. We dust the ends to strengthen them and prevent splits and lightly shape while preserving elongation.


Our method respects and preserves the integrity of each curl.

On the picture left, our stylist expertly demonstrates how to put the finishing touches on a cut.

Benefits Of Dry Cutting For Curly Hair

Our goal when we cut hair, is to preserve the integrity of the curl families. Each curl thrives when cut within the perimeter of where it naturally ”lives”.

This unique method of cutting allows the stylists to sculpt each clients hair, according to their individual look, curl formation, curl type, density, spring factor and style.

Dry Cut vs Wet Cut

One important thing to note: how committed are you to wearing your naturally curly hair in a curly style? Before getting a dry curly cut, you must determine how willing you are to wear your hair curly every day. This means after your dry curly cut, your hair will look amazing curly, but not so amazing straight.

Don’t panic! We have a solution for those of you who want the option of styling hair straight. We can cut it wet- but not all of the benefits of the dry cut will be included.

Tips And Tricks For Your Curly Hair Cut

Preparing For Your Curly Hair Appointment

Make the most of your curly cut appointment by doing some prep-work beforehand. Source some images of lengths and shapes you like by looking at pictures of other women with curly hair. Give it some thought and determine if you are ready to remove some length, or if you only want to add some shape. If you only want shape, perhaps your stylist will suggest a Micro-Cut (dusting the ends). This should give your stylist a good idea to start with. Based on this, she can make further suggestions.

Be prepared to talk about what issues you face with your hair. What do you like and dislike?

Your stylist will also want to know about your current hair routine, and what products you are currently using. It isn’t a must, but it can be a added bonus if you bring in the products you are currently using so your stylist can have a look at them and help you determine if they are right for your curls.

Note that a good curl expert should be willing to listen to whatever you want to say about your curls. It can be helpful to bring along a set of questions you’d like to ask.

When you arrive for your Kozma Curl appointment, come as you are. Barrettes, head bands, scrunchies etc are not a problem.


The Kozma Curl Cut begins with a careful consultation with your stylist, where we will determine the best plan of action. We offer two options of curly cutting, that way we can tailor our techniques to your specific needs.

During a Kozma Curl Cut consultation, you will learn the following:

  • What your curl type is
  • How to care for your specific curl type
  • What your home styling routine should be
  • What products you should (and shouldn’t) be using
  • What kind of cut and shape would be suit you and your curls
  • If you are interested in color, what type of color would look best and not damage your curls

Curly Hair Goals

The end goal for both you and the stylist is for your hair to look amazing after you leave the salon and beyond. You should love your hair even after you cleanse and style it yourself, many times over- so your stylist should be spending time to talk you through out the appointment and provide many tips on what you need to do when you care for, and style your hair.

Your service should end with your hair styled naturally curly and dry. Your stylist will probably want to go back, check the shape and balance, and finish off with any last detailing that needs to be done. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you have, so don’t be shy! Speak up and let the stylist know how are you are feeling. She should love hearing your feedback, and address any concerns or questions before you go.

It shouldn’t matter to your stylist if you have wavy, curly or super curly hair- a skilled and experienced curly expert should be familiar, experienced and confident with all curl types.

If you live in Dubai or the surrounding region, or plan to visit soon, you can visit our curl experts:


Have you had a dry cut for curly hair? What was your experience? We’d love to hear all about it. Comment below!


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