As if having a head of waves and curls wasn’t challenging enough, women with curly hair often have to endure comments and jokes aimed at their hair.

Sure, people are well-meaning and don’t have bad intentions when they ‘’compliment’’, comment on or otherwise give advice about… our curly hair! We will give them the benefit of the doubt.

However, comments and jokes directed towards our hair can hurt, frustrate and annoy even the saintliest of us curlies.

So we’ve compiled a list of our top 76 things we are tired of hearing in the hopes that those without curly hair who read it might take a friendly hint, and those curlies who read it can have a good relatable giggle.

  1. ‘’Why don’t you just straighten it?’’

Really. Just straighten it. Don’t think so.

2. ‘’Why don’t you just brush it?’’

You don’t understand what would happen if brushed!

3. ‘’Your hair is messy.’’

Gee. Thanks.

4. ‘’Your hair is huge!’’

Curly hair is full of secrets. Also, the bigger the hair, the closer to heaven.

5. ‘’I cant see!’’ *says man behind me in movie theater*

Darling, my hair isn’t blocking the view. It IS the view.

6. ”Why do you have so. much. hair.’’

Why do you have so. little. brain.

7. ‘’Omg you’d look so pretty if you’d just straighten your hair.’’

That’s your opinion.

8. ‘’Seriously? You don’t own a hairbrush?’’

What’s a hairbrush?

9. ‘’Humidity? What humidity?’’

So, it’s just me then.

10. ‘’Is that a wig?’’


11. ‘’How did you get your hair to look like that?’’

I wake up.

12. ‘’Can I touch IT.’’

This isn’t a petting zoo. So no. but thanks for asking.

13. “Your hair looks like my poodle.”

Wow. Your poodle. Thanks for the compliment!

14. ‘’Your hair feels like a sponge!’’


15. ‘’Your hair looks wiry.’’


16. ‘’Whats wrong with your hair?’’

Nothing. What’s wrong with you?

17. ”Why do you take so long to get ready?”

Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner or curly hair why she is late, ok?

18. ”Isn’t it hot under all that hair?”

It is. Obviously.

19. ‘’Why do you insist on going out with your hair looking like a crazy birds nest?’’

it’s not a crazy… wait a second. I need a moment.

but now that you mention it, a crazy birds nest sounds kinda cool actually.

20. ‘’Did you stick your finger in an electric socket? Har!’’

yah! Har! I’ve never heard that one before! So original.

21. ‘’So, you mean, like, you only wash your hair once a week? ick!’’

Yes. Sometimes only once per week. Bet it’s cleaner than yours!

22. ”Boing!”

Stop boing-ing our curls!

23. ‘’Come on! Jump in! I don’t understand why you wont go swimming with me…’’

Can’t. Hair on fleek.

24. ‘’Your hair actually looks really good today.’’

It actually looks good? Today? Wait… what do you mean? What happened to the other 6 days in the week?

25. ‘’Can I brush your hair for you? It looks like it needs to have a brush pulled through it.’’


26. ‘’Can I play with your hair? It just looks so interesting!’’


27. ‘’Doesn’t your hair grow? Its been the same length forever!’’

Of course it grows silly. It grows out first. Then down.

28. ‘’I could never deal with all of THAT curl that you have.’’

I can’t deal with YOU.

29. ‘’You looked better with straight hair.’’

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

30. ‘’Whoops! Sorry! Your hair is just too hard to cut.’’

What do you mean WHOOPS!? UGH, should have just gone to Kozma and Kozma for my curls.

31. ‘’Why do you go through so much conditioner?’’

So what? My hair needs hydration?

32. “Why does your hair need so much hydration?”

My hair is thirsty.

33. ‘’Straighten your hair. This is the dress code policy at this company. And your hair looks unprofessional.’’

Sorry, but you do know this is the 21st century and all?

34. ‘’I would go crazy if I had your hair type’’

Would you? Would you go crazy like this?

35. ‘’But wavy hair is easy to style because it’s not really that curly’’


36. ‘’Look! I have curly hair like you!’’ *curling iron was used to curl hair*

37. ‘’Your hair looks really frizzy today!’’

Looks perfect to me!

38. ‘’Did you actually plan for your hair to look like that?’’

So rude. So very rude.

39. Stylist: ‘’I have a great idea! Let’s blow your hair straight today and use a flat iron!’’

Nope. No way.

40. Stylist: ‘’Have you ever considered having this permanently straightened?’’

Nope. Not going to happen.

41. Stylist: ‘’Come. Sit in my chair. Don’t worry, we can get rid of this mess.’’

Don’t touch me! I’m outta here! *runs for nearest exit*

42. ‘’Your hair looks like a mop!’’

A mop. The thing you clean the floor with? Thanks.

43. ‘’Your hair looks like a bush.’’

A bush!? Hahahaha. Wow.

44. ‘’Is it supposed to look like that?’’

Yes. Yes it is.

45. ‘’You wont get a boyfriend/find a husband looking like that’’

My curly hair and I aren’t good enough?

46. “Does your hair feel like a brillo pad?”


47. ‘’Is this a perm?’’

You make me laugh! Haha! Oh wait. Was that a genuine question?

48. ‘’It must be a downright beast to take care of.’’

A beast, huh? Well, for the record it’s worth it.

49. ‘’Your not going out like THAT are you?’’

Oh Yah!

50. ‘’Are you mixed?’’ 

Go in peace.

51. ‘’What ethnicity are you?’’

A citizen of the world. You?

52. “Wow look at that hair. Where are you from?”

Not that question again!

53. ‘’Hahaha.. I bet stuff gets lost inside your hair! Like, dude, where’s my car keys?’’

You didn’t really just say that, did you?

54. “Is that your real hair?”

Yes. Yes, it is.

55. ‘’Your hair looks wild today!’’

Thank you. Your so kind.

56. ‘’You have way too much hair’’


57. ‘’I bet you wish you had straight hair like me?’’


58. ‘’Can you hear me under all that hair?’’

Sorry, did you say something? I cant hear you under the volume of my hair!

60. ‘’I know a great salon who could help you get rid of your problem’’

thanks, but no thanks. I only go to curly hair experts.

61. “Your hair feels like sheeps wool.”

I’ll take that as a compliment. I know my hair is soft, fluffy and fuzzy- just the way I like it.

62. ‘’whoa. Why do you need so many hair products?’’

I just do. OK?

63. ‘’You should put your hair on a diet. It gets bigger every time I see it. Is it going to eat me? Haha!’’

hilarious. You are really clever.

64. ‘’I don’t think that style suits you. You had good hair before you started wearing it curly!’’

Curly hair. Don’t care.

65. “Do you want to borrow my flat iron? Shouldn’t you do something with your hair?”

No. Maybe some other time. But thanks.

66. ‘’Come on, let’s go. It’s just a little rain, it wont hurt you.’’

It’s fine. I’ll just have to do my curly routine all over again. No big deal.

67. ‘’I can totally relate. I have, like, super frizzy hair too.’’

Oh, so you can totally relate with that smooth straight hair of yours.

68. ‘’Why aren’t you ready by now?’’

Because my hair has been wet for hours!

69. ‘’Don’t you wish you could change your hair?’’

I love myself just the way I am. That includes my hair. Note to self: I love my curly hair!!

70. ‘’Why do you hog the bathroom? You are in there forever! What are you doing in there?’’

Living my best life. And for your information, its wash day. I happen to include a hydrating mask treatment on my wash days.

71. ‘’Do you even need to use a pillow with that afro?’’

Shut up please. Thank you.

72. “Do you have to curl your hair every day?”

Yes. My hair is naturally curly and every day I curl it unnaturally. Sorry but your comment deserves sarcasm!

73. ‘’Awww. Your hair is so cute! You look adorable. Like a baby Shirley Temple or something.’’

Thanks. I know you meant that as a compliment (I think). But we aren’t speaking until further notice.

74. ‘’Sorry, your favorite curly hair products are out of stock.’’


75. ‘’Sorry, we are fully booked at Kozma Salon on the day you want. Can we please put your name on the waiting list?’’

Yes. 100% worth the wait. *sniff*

76. ‘’What does it feel like to have all that curly hair?’’

Most days, it feels amazing.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post! Please share it with your curly friends- they will appreciate a good giggle.

Please comment below! Which number from the above list of 76 things “Women With Curly Hair Are Tired Of Hearing” did you like best? Which made you laugh? And which did you find most relate-able?


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    hi! i thanks for this funny post! i liked 8 and 36 best. so funny! i struggle with my curly hair and i’m super excited you are launching products. all the best xx

  2. Avatar

    I always get ” that is a really big hair”
    Am covered so one time I went to a saloon “my hair was wet” and it is until mid back and she goes woooooow you have alot of hair 😂

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