Step by Step How To Pineapple Style Curly Hair

Ever wondered how to preserve your curls when chilling out, sleeping, traveling or wearing a hoodie? Have you heard of Pineapple styling? Today I am going to take you step by step through this cool and easy style, and teach you how to Pineapple Style Curly Hair.

You can wear this style anytime. This is an especially good style for sleeping. Not only will you look cute, you’ll wake up with defined curls. Its no secret that the curl community struggles with maintaining the shape, definition and spring of their curls whilst they sleep. The thought of sleeping on those beautiful, freshly hydrated locks can be a scary thought… well, fear no more. We want your curls to look great every day. We want you to enjoy your Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 (etc) curls.

The pineapple style. Let’s get started, shall we?

What You Will Need To Pineapple Style Curly Hair

To start. you’ll need a nice big fat juicy pineapple fruit. JUST KIDDING.

You will need some curl approved products. We use Kozma Curl defining gel.

A soft Hair Scrunchie or two.

Step One- Kozma Curl Method to Hydrate and Define

For best results, start with freshly hydrated and styled hair. Use the Kozma Curl Method.

Select your favorite Kozma Curl approved products and get started. (If you are tuning in for the first time and you have somehow managed to exist in the curl community through the past year completely unaware of our Kozma Curl Method then you can learn all about this. Book now for a curl hydrate & lesson at any of our locations.

To make wash day fun and easy, put on Diana Ross, Beyonce, Shakira or any other record that gets your curl rhythm flowing. Or, listen to a educational pod cast.

Step 2- Dry And Ready For A Big Beyonce Flip Forward

Hallelujah.. your curls have just had some serious Kozma love and they are fully dry and ready to pineapple! NOTE: Its really important that your hair is fully dry before sleeping on it. If its not dry, its not set. If its not set… then it will FRIZZ.

This is now the time for that big Beyonce flip of the hair forward. (Do not be afraid to do this flip dramatically. We love a bit of theatrics when the moment calls for it)

Step 3- Gather Curls Onto Crown

Gather all of those beautiful curls at the top of your head. Use both hands if you are blessed with never ending hair. Gather a few inches from your forehead.
Top Tip: prepare the scrunchies around your wrist first for easy access.

Step 4- Secure With Scrunchie

Simply pull your hair through your scrunchie! You will want it to feel tight enough to stay secure but not too tight where you strangle those curls, this will leave the hair with dents and disruptions. Keep it beautiful, keep it loose. Usually pulling your hair through once is totally enough, however this will vary depending on your density, so secure accordingly.

Now it is secure you can flip back and swing it round, side to side and upside down. Live in the moment and bask in the goodness of pineapple success… you nailed it.. i just know you did!

Wallah! Congratulations, you have successfully mastered the pineapple.

Top Tip: for Rapunzel long locks, try a pineapple bun. Loop it through twice but do not pull your hair all the way through the second time.

Extra Sweet and Juicy Pineapple Tips

  • To maximize the success of your pineapple style, use a silk pillow case (coming soon to Kozma Curl). Silk materials prevent frizz by eliminating friction.
  • A silk scrunchie is great, especially recommended if you have super curly hair.
  • The morning after- gently remove the scrunchie. We are realists so we will not promise its a ready to go look. You still may need to do some light touch ups and a refresh. To settle the curls to their natural fall, light shaking is recommended through the root area, the same way we teach you in our Kozma curl lesson. You can also try spot treatment by spritzing some conditioner water into your hair- any fuzzy areas that misbehave can quickly be touched up.
  • Practice Curl Kindness. You have fierce curls and you should love them no matter what. Love them defined and love them with fluff. And yes, love them when they are behaving and love them when they are being naughty. Your curls are unique & so are you.

Thank you for reading! Forward this to your curl-friends. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog!

This tutorial was brought to you from our stunning new salon in Muscat, Oman.
With help from Kozma Curl Specialists Emy & Chantel and Kozma Curl Educator Amber.
Starring our beautiful curly models, Maryam & Salma (weren’t they adorable!?)
Guest appearance from our pineapple fruit (that I named Pam) and later devoured in a smoothie (click on recipe below).

Be sure to try our nutritious curl smoothie recipe– contains ingredients that feed your curls from the inside out!


Amber, Kozma Curl Ambassador

P.S. Do you have a favorite Tip, on how to Pineapple Style Curly Hair? Please share below in comments!


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