We have a instagram page! Whoo hoo! We also have a CURLY GIVEAWAY to celebrate! Fun & Freebies!

Click Here to view our new @kozmacurl instagram page

That’s what it looks like, in a nutshell. But the party is only getting started. We have a CURLY GIVEAWAY with lot’s of prizes!

We would love to see your curls in motion. And we are offering up some fun prizes and freebies!

  1. Follow us on our new Instagram Page
  2. TAG US @kozmacurl
  3. HASHTAG #kozmacurlflip

That’s it! Piece of cake. Right?

Share a picture or video of you doing your best curl flip. Enter into our Curly Giveaway!

If we post your picture of your curl flip on our @kozmacurl instagram page, you WIN a prize!

Turn your head upside down, then give a almighty diana ross (or beyonce if you prefer) toss

It’s that easy! Let’s get flippin’ ladies!

Even a shake out of your curls will do. Just get your lovely curls in motion, that is all we ask.
Curly Giveaway
Flip… and get a friend to snap a pic. Can’t wait to see! We’ve got lot’s of prizes to hand out- grab a friend and participate!


Your friends at Kozma Curl

Tell your #curlfriends about us. Please be sure to follow our blog.

We will be sharing lot’s of Tips & Tricks for Curly Hair.

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