Dryness. Frizz. Friction. Static cling. Knots. Sweat. Things that Covered Curlies are all too familiar with. Is there a solution? If you wear Abaya or Hijab, read on to find out…

Tips for Hijab and Abaya wearing curlies with curly hair

Top Tips for beautiful curls when wearing Abaya or Hijab

Recently on social media, we asked Covered Curlies to write in with their top concerns. We will address our favorite questions below in a Q&A session:

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Curly hair breakage from wearing abaya or hijab


“Hi Kozma Curl! I love having curly hair and I’m doing my best to embrace it. I cover my hair but I’ve noticed that my hair looks like it is breaking wear my abaya touches it. Why is it snapping? What can I do to protect it from breakage?” -Dr. Aliyah Shabs


Curly hair on it’s own is already prone to dryness and breakage. When curly hair is covered all day, it can become really brittle mostly due to the friction caused by the material covering the hair.

Friction from the material rubbing and sitting on the surface of the hair can cause frizz and breakage. It is very important that extra care is given. We suggest avoiding cotton and any material that pulls at the cuticle of the hair. Instead, choose materials which slide and glide over the hair, such as silk.

Curls and humidity


“I’m so glad you are reaching out to covered women! Thank you. I feel that hair and beauty companies neglect us covered gals, and I’d like to see more who support us like you do. so, bravo kozma curl for sending us hijabies some love. So yes, I am a hijab-wearing girl. I like what you are about and I follow you but live in Florida. My problem is that the humidity and heat cause my curls to flop, poof and frizz. Is there anything I can do?” -@emily.farmette


Thank you for taking the time to write us that sweet note. All curly women are beautiful, and covered curlies are not an exception.

Thanks for following us all the way from Florida! We are also very familiar with humidity, and know just what havoc it can play on curls. Humidity can cause frizz by swelling the hair shaft and poking the cuticles out- think of those cuticles like little hands reaching out for moisture. And where there is humidity, there is sure to be sweat. Sweat IS moisture, but not the type your curls need. Sweat contains salt, which can contribute to build up and dry hair. Be sure to cleanse your scalp (use conditioner to cleanse, not shampoo) more often during humid weather to rid yourself of the layers of sweat and sebum caused by sweating.

Be sure to condition, condition, condition- both in the shower and when applying styling product. Extra doses of moisture gives a barrier between your hair and the climate, sealing in hydration. Wear a cover on your hair that can breathe. We often suggest silk to our covered curlies, because it is anti-friction, but unfortunately cotton is the best option in unforgiving hot weather.

Whenever possible, chill out. We mean that literally! Our heads produce an amazing amount of heat naturally, so when they are covered, that heat can get trapped, warming things up quite rapidly which can turn covered hair into a hot house. Maintaining a normal body temperature when temps outside are soaring means less heat building up under your cover, and equals a cooler you. It’s not always possible to avoid extreme temperatures because we have to live life- which means getting out into the elements- but do try to limit your time spent outside during the hottest part of the day. Must be out and about? Try a hand held fan to cool your face and neck during Ramadan. If it’s not Ramadan, you can bring along a big bottle of ice water to sip.

Or take the weather as an excuse to stay in the a.c., indulge in a scoop of cold ice cream, and read our latest hilarious blog post.

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Wearing curly hair styled up while wearing abaya or hijab


“What’s the best way to maintain curls while having your hair in a bun for most of the day?” -@aya.alsabahi


“Wearing your hair in a bun during the day presents a wonderful opportunity for a leave-in treatment, especially since the treatment is working incognito while you wear abaya or hijab. We will get to the treatment in a minute.

Our first rule is to never tie the hair in the same position every day, this can not only cause additional wear and tear because the same hair is being stressed in the same place repeatedly, it can also cause Traction Alopecia, typically found at the hairline where hair is weakest, and in the crown area- which can lead to permanent hair loss. Be gentle when tying your hair back, and be careful to not wear it tied back too tightly. Try to vary your styles when pulling your hair up- somedays a low bun, some days a high bun, some days a french braid or a twist.

Wearing your hair in these styles is a great time to sneak in a bit of moisture. Try a leave-in conditioning spray. If you can do a full on conditioning treatment, even better. Be sure to read the bottle fine print, every product is different and the amounts of time recommended for leaving in always vary from product to product.

If you want curls that will look nice once your hair cover comes off, then skip the conditioning treatment and opt for a pineapple. Check out our pineapple style tutorial. This style prevents tangled hair, and preserves curl definition. Once you take the pineapple down, you can mist sections and spot-treat with a conditioning spray that look dull or flat, to bring them back to life.

Day-time routine for healthy curly hair for those who cover


“Can you give me good day-time routine for restoring health to my hair? What should I do in the shower?”


A good solid routine is a good idea for any curly to commit to, especially those who wear abaya or hijab. We use the #KozmaCurlMethod to care for curls. If you live in an area where you can visit our salon be sure to book in. We will identify your curl type, and teach you a curly hair routine tailored to your curl type, which takes you from the shower to styling and beyond.

Try to use sulfate free shampoos, silicone free gels and do a hydrating mask once per week. Skip shampoo which can strip the moisture from your hair, and instead cleanse your scalp with a conditioner. This technique is called ”co-washing” which simply means to wash with conditioner. Use a shampoo to cleanse only 1x per week.

On a daily basis, hydrate your hair in the shower. After rinsing, work in conditioner, and a layer of gel after squeezing moisture out of your hair with a microfiber towel (avoid regular towels because the fabric ”pulls” at the cuticle and causes frizz). Don’t touch your hair until it dries. You can diffuse or air dry. Then, soften your curls and customize your look by shaking your curls out, and scrunching them from end to root.

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The Kozma Curl Team

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