Love your curls. Embrace your natural texture! You are perfect all the way.

Sing along with us, to the Kozma Curl Anthem:

Today is a brand new day.

I’m gonna make it a brand new start.

You say my hair is so unprofessional, but I don’t want to straighten it up!

Nothing you could do, nothing you could say, could change my waves and my ways.

I can step into Kozma (salon) and feel like I’m just perfect all the way.

This is how I was born. I know where I belong.

I got frizzes and curls. Fuzzy and natural, multicultural, kinky and fabulous.

Today I just wanna be free.

Today just let me be me.

I’m going back to my roots.

No label is gonna define me.

Very special thanks to our customer Nya Crea, who is a Kozma Curl customer and a professional songwriter and singer. She loved her hair so much after visiting us and following the #kozmacurlmethod, she made us this wonderful video! She wrote her own lyrics, recorded in the studio, and came to our salon located in Dubai to film! We have a major curl crush on her! Aren’t her waves gorgeous? And an angelic voice!

What did you think? Did this song have you singing along?? Let us know in the comments below!

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