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Vogue Magazine Curly Hair Feature

The day the editor of Vogue came calling, made us feel pretty special. After all if you are a female with a heartbeat, you know that Vogue Magazine is the authority worldwide on all things fashion and beauty. Imagine, a Vogue Magazine Curly Hair Feature! Read the Vogue interview did with our Owner and CEO of Kozma Curl, Hillary Kozma!

They wanted to feature us giving their Art Director Donna Williams a curl makeover, using our #kozmacurlmethod

Did we play it cool, acting very nonchalant? NO! In reality the whole salon was crazy with excitement. Vogue Arabia is coming to review our curly services! Whoo hoo!

The Before & After

When Donna Williams came through our door, we instantly had a curl crush on her.

Let’s skip straight to the good part! Her BEFORE and AFTER!

Donna was blessed with beautiful curls, but she didn’t know how to work with them. That is where the Kozma Curl Experts come in! She visited one of our salon locations in Dubai ”Kozma and Kozma” and we had her for the day! And oh, what fun we had, giving her a total hair makeover.

During her consultation, we learned that Donna wanted to embrace her curly hair. She said she’d heard so much about us, and was ready to turn herself over to do whatever we wanted. Music to our ears! We established that we would carefully and safely color her hair a honey blonde without compromising on hair health.

We shaped and trimmed her ends with a Kozma Curl Signature Cut. She didn’t want to lose length. She was trying to grow her hair a little. Are you trying to grow your hair too? Why not try out one of our yummy hair growing smoothie recipes!

She was treated to a steam condition, with our hydrating mask. And finally, she was taught how to carry-on the Kozma Curl Routine at home, while styling her hair. We offer a menu of services dedicated to the curly woman.

Donna was super impressed by the color, and the health of her hair!

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for the feature! Meanwhile, here are some tips and tricks we gave to Vogue, which they shared with their readers:
Read Vogue Article

Kozma Curl Ambassador Natalie and Donna – all smiles!

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