What on earth is a microfiber towel and why do I need one? If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you will have heard us preach about the importance of the microfiber towel!

What is a microfiber towel?

Ordinary cotton or terry cotton/wool blend towels can cause frizz, because of the ”pull” created by the fibers of the material. These ordinary towels are made within a framework of large, loose loops. The loops stick out and hair strands ”stick” to them due to the friction. Although ideal for your skin after a showering or swimming, they are not good for your curls. The fibers are too rough and lift the cuticle of each strand of hair, causing frizz. They can make issues like breakage, split-ends and tangles even worse. Have you been wringing out your hair with a regular cotton towel? Now is the time to stop and develop a healthier routine. Caring for your curls is super important as you already know in order to have defined, healthy and happy curls.

A microfiber towel is a special towel designed to be super soft to the touch. During the manufacturing process of the material of microfiber, the fiber loops are made much tighter and smaller- this means the surface is smooth and will glide against your hair.

What are the benefits of using a microfiber towel for curly hair?

Frizz prevention is a huge benefit. Less drying time due to the super absorbency powers of the microfiber gets another ”yay!” from us. Less frizz and less drying time means you can save time without sacrificing results.

microfiber towel for curly hair

Where do I find one?

We made it easy! We designed one just for you. Amazingly soft and luxurious, the Kozma Curl Microfiber Towel is a must-have for all curl types! Absorbent material dries hair quicker. Enjoy less frizz! This gentle towel absorbs the excess water from your hair, without the frizz causing friction of ordinary towels. We designed this towel with your curls in mind. You’ll love how soft and fluffy this absorbent towel is.

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How do I use a microfiber towel?

OK! So we have discussed the importance of using a microfiber towel. Now let’s discuss how to use it: To use, squeeze moisture out of your hair (don’t rub). Absorb excess moisture to prep hair for styling or drying. Many of our Kozma Curl Microfiber fans admit to using it as a turbine on lazy days when they don’t feel like styling. Some others squeeze moisture from ends to roots and then style as normal. Others swear it helps cut down diffusing timings. Do you use the #kozmacurlmethod? However you use it, you’ll love how gentle it is with your curls! And because it is sized 20 x 37”, you’ll be able to use it on long hair too! SHOP HERE

Have you tried using a microfiber towel? What tips and tricks would you offer?


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