How to sleep with curly hair? This is the question of the century! Make those wash days stretch and preserve the work of your curly style. We will show you how below with 8 Tips for how to sleep with curly hair.

Do you go to bed with glorious curls you are proud to show off, only to wake up to a frizzy fluffy mess?

We all know washing and styling isn’t easy – we have to invest time and effort to care for our curls. The million dollar question is- how can I make my curls look amazing on day 2, day 3, day 4 and beyond without having to start all over again with a cleanse, hydrate and style in the morning?

With a few easy pre-bedtime techniques, you can wake up with curly hair looking amazing.

There is no one perfect way that fits everyone- you need to experiment and find what works best for you. In this blog post, we help you find your way by exploring the different ways you can sleep with your curls – without waking up to dents, frizz, tangles, puffiness, and flat spots.

Read on, sleeping beauty! And be ready to post your #iwokeuplikethis selfies of your stunning morning curls!

1. Do The Pineapple

No, we aren’t talking about eating a fruit.

Pile your curls on top of your head and secure with a silk covered scrunchie or a clip. Make sure it’s loose and comfortable for you to sleep. The looser you can secure your curls the better to prevent dents and marks in your hair from the scrunchie. The style will help protect your curls from being squished, now that’s how to sleep with curly hair! Collecting the curls on top of your head keeps you from sleeping on them. This style is called a Pineapple, because the end result should look a bit like a pineapple sitting on your head. For a tutorial on how to Pineapple your hair, we’ve got you covered: click here.

In the morning, a quick spritz of curl refresher or water should do the work to help re-style your curls as desired.

2. Use A 100% Silk Pillow Case

How to sleep with curly hair starts with paying close attention to what you are sleeping on. Ordinary pillow cases made of cotton or other traditional materials absorb the moisture from your hair, leaving your curls sucked of moisture and dry. But the worst is yet to come- ordinary pillow cases cause frizz, tangles, damage and breakage because of the friction.

A silk pillow case allows your hair to glide over the surface.

Use a 100% silk pillow case. We recommend our own Kozma Curl Silk Pillow Case.

If bonnets aren’t your thing and you don’t want to wear a pineapple, a silk pillow case will allow your curls to be loose and free.

Plus an added bonus- silk is good for your skin! This anti-aging material helps with smoother skin and protects against wrinkles. Gorgeous curly hair and skin protection? Yes please!

3. Wear A Silk Scarf, Bandanna, Buff or Bonnet

If used with a silk pillow case, that’s silk on silk and no friction- even more protection!

Basically these help hold your curls in place so there is less movement and curl manipulation while you toss and turn, which equals less friction.

4. Adjust The Eye Mask.

You know the one – the cute eye mask that the iconic Audrey Hepburn helped to make popular in the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Eye masks are popular for sleeping because they block the light. However, the straps which hold the mask in place are not so curl-friendly! These will cause dents in your hair and are curly style destroyers. Make sure you are not placing the straps over your curls. Keep your curls up and out of the way, and wear your eye mask lower. Instead of the straps going behind the ears, try adjusting the straps lower to go under ear and across the nape of the neck – not across your curls.

5. For Transitioning Curlies, Try Sleeping With Rods.

Are you transitioning from permanently straightened and chemically treated hair to your natural curls? If so, you have curly roots and your mid-length to ends is straight.

We have a solution just for you. We have created the Kozma Curl Rods which are soft enough to sleep on. For years, if women wanted curls they had to sleep on brick-hard rollers. But our spongy-soft rods are curly-tested and approved by our curl community, and totally safe to sleep on. They don’t tangle. Now you have an option to wear your hair curly while you grow your hair out.

Using rods helps transitioning hair have a more consistent and evenly defined curl- every transitioning woman’s dream!

Click here to watch our Rod tutorial

6. Develop A Scalp Massage Routine

Curls get all the love and attention, but don’t forget curls grow from your scalp! Make it a bed-time routine to give your scalp some love. Massage increases blood circulation, allowing nutrients to better reach your roots.

You don’t need to get fancy with oils or serums but can do so if you like!

7. Don’t Go To Bed With Wet Hair

Believe it or not, there is a myth floating around that going to bed with wet curls is good for getting hydration levels up.

Ok, we’ve all been there. It’s the end of a long day and the dread of getting up early for wash day is filling our heads with creative ideas – ”ooh, maybe I’ll just take a short cut and wash now and my hair can dry while I sleep! Yay for multi-tasking!” No girls! Resist the temptation! Going to bed with wet hair will only bring you heart break and frustration in the morning.

Some curlies swear this works for them – especially with the plopping method gaining popularity – and hey if it works that is great! However, we personally do not recommend going to bed with super wet hair.

If you want to refresh your curls before going to bed, try a nice steamy shower and apply a bit of product afterword. Or, spritz a bit of water into your hair. One tip that we like to recommend is to use a mist bottle filled with one part conditioner and one part water, shake before using. Spritz a bit of your homemade cocktail into your hair before bed- gets the moisture back in and adds a little hold for styling definition.

Hair that is slightly damp from being misted or steamed is ok to sleep on. However going to bed with soaking wet or majorly damp hair is just a no. Your hair is at it’s most fragile state when wet. When you toss and turn as you snooze, you are putting extra stress on your hair – it can bend and snap. Not to mention attracting fungal problems, scalp inflammation, possible dandruff, and a messy morning mane to deal with.

8. Braids

Wavy girls can especially benefit from braiding before bedtime. We recommend spritzing a bit of curl refresh into your curls for a boost of night time hydration (do not soak curls – see tip 7 above!), then section hair into 2 pig-tail braids and braid loosely until you reach the ends, secure with a ribbon or a small material-covered band. In the A.M. remove the braids and shake free- your wave pattern should still be intact.

We hope this was helpful in finding the best way how to sleep with curly hair. Do you have any night time tips? Let us know in the comments below!

Sweet dreams!


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