Transitioning curly hair- are you struggling or feeling impatient? Do you want curly hair but feel like giving up because the journey away from permanently straight hair is too hard? Do you want curly hair NOW without having to wait weeks, months and years for grow out?

We want to show you how you can enjoy curly hair NOW with this Transitioning Curly Hair Tutorial, even if you have only just begun to embrace your curly hair.

Kozma Curl Rods Tutorial

What is transitioning curly hair?

If you have transitioning curls, you’ve got curly roots and straight mid-length to ends. The straight hair can be caused by any number of reasons, including permanent straightening services, keratin treatments, or heat damage. The curly hair growing in at your roots is your own natural curly hair.

The process of transitioning curly hair – from straight to curly

The first step to embracing your natural curls is to make the decision that you want to commit to loving your curls no matter what. We want to applaud you for having the courage to do this.

Transitioning means that you will be taking steps to stop permanently straightening and relaxing your hair, and all keratin treatments will also stop. You’ll be waiting for your curls to grow back.

Unfortunately, hair only grows on average 1.25cm a month, and you can experience around 6 inches a year. If you have super curly hair, your hair will grow out and then down and you’ll see a less exaggerated growth pattern. There are things you can do to promote healthy hair growth and reduce breakage such as frequent trims, hydration treatments and eating right, but you can’t make your hair grow faster.

We know how frustrating this process can be! You want results, and you want them now!! You are tired of your hair looking insane. You’ve tried so hard to commit to growing out your natural curls, but the straight hair is making you crazy and you might even be considering giving up- no! Do not give up!

When you decide to transition, you have to go through a process of growing your hair out. And there have only been two options available:

  1. Accept your hair the way it is as you grow it. Try to hide under scarves and accessories.
  2. Take the plunge and go for a ”big chop” which is cutting your hair short, often in a pixie, to get rid of all the permanently straight parts.

Until now. We came up with a solution to help you!

Finally! A solution! Now you can enjoy curly hair while on the journey of transitioning curly hair.

Our customers pleaded with us to come up with a solution to help them love their curls while growing out their hair.

We came up with a safe, no heat option for transitioning curly hair.

Introducing, the Kozma Curl Rods!

Step 1. Gather your items

transitioning curly hair rods

Items you will need:

transitioning curly hair solution

Step 2. Dampen your hair

For best results, the hair needs to be damp. If hair is freshly washed, squeeze excess moisture out using our microfiber towel. If you are starting with dry hair, then spray down with water. (Avoid starting with soaking wet hair, it will take much longer to dry).

Step 3. Decide on desired curl size and section

You can start anywhere you like. The easiest way to get organized is to section your hair and start from the back, working your way up.

Start by taking a 1 inch to a 1 1/2 inch section. (Top tip: for a bigger curl, take a bigger section and for a tighter curl, take a smaller section.)

Smooth the section out and make sure it is damp and apply a small amount of styling product. We like doing it this way on individual sections (as opposed to putting styling product all over and then starting to section) because you’ll have more control over your styling product and will avoid coating the roots where it isn’t needed.

how to transition curly hair

Step 4. Apply Rods

Hold rod at scalp section, and start to wrap hair around rod from root to tip. Make sure to keep the rod tightly in place. To fasten the rod in place, fold both ends until rod is secure. Top tip: Make sure your hair is neatly folded in before fastening so that you do not end up with jagged ends. Continue until all of your hair is in a rod.

Step 5. Dry

Rods can be left to air dry.

If you like, you can even sleep on them. They do not tangle are soft and spongy feeling. Be sure to use the Kozma Curl Pillow Case to minimize frizz.

They can also be diffused for quicker drying time. Use the Kozma Curl Diffuser to soften airflow and prevent heat damage to your hair.

Make sure is completely dry before removing the rods. Removing them while still wet will break the curl shape, and it will become frizzy.

Step 6. Remove Rods

To remove, carefully unwind each rod.

Break up each section by gently pulling curl apart, to give a more natural look.

For more volume, break each curl up into an even smaller curls. Turn head upside down and shake from roots.

how to transition from straight hair to naturally curly hair

Step 7. Apply finishing product

For a longer lasting look, gently spray ends with hair spray.

Step 8. Enjoy your Transitioning Curly Hair!

Here is our gorgeous #kozmacurlgirl Monet before & after:

transitioning hair
Before using Kozma Curl Rods
transition to curly hair
embrace your curly hair transitioning curly hair

Tah Dah! We hope you enjoyed the Transitioning Curly Hair Tutorial & hope you found it useful.

Let us know how you liked the transition rods and please be sure to share your pictures and selfies with us!!

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