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Kozma Curl clips how to get root volume with curly hair using clips
One of our #kozmacurlgirl beauties show’s off her clips
how to get curly roots volume

Kozma curl clips should be an essential part of your home curly tool kit. These clips provide unlimited volume options. Whether you have baby fine waves or tight, heavy ringlets, these clips are the answer to flat, lifeless roots.

If you struggle to get root volume with curly hair, then the simple solution is using these clips.

The purpose is to help you achieve the results you desire at home. Whether that be a ‘little root pick me up’ or ‘the bigger the better’ volume. We’ve got your back to help you love your curls even more. So, let’s get started…

Step 1. Unbox your beautiful new Kozma Curl clips… this is the first step to get root volume with curly hair using clips

kozma curl clips for curly hair root volume

Opening these always feels like opening a magical box of treasure.

Step 2. Get ready for lift off… root volume with curly hair!

Ok, so the goal is to get root volume. Start with damp or wet hair. Applying clips is the very last step of your curl styling routine. After clips are inserted, hands off until your hair is completely dry.

So, first you’ll want to create a parting, if you choose to wear one. If you don’t want a parting, that’s ok too because this is all about what you’d like to see when your hair dries. After that, you’ll clip your hair.

Look in the mirror (oh, hello there gorgeous!) and determine where roots are falling flat.
Think about where you want to position your Kozma curl clips. Where there’s clips there’s volume! Above all, remember this saying: “What you see is what you get”. However the clips are placed is what you will get once the hair is dry, so give some consideration here.

We recommend applying an even amount of clips on opposite sides through the parting area but honestly, you can apply as many as you want! In conclusion, the more rows you apply, the more root volume you will create!

clip roots

Step 3. Select the curls to lift

Select a curl family to lift away from your head from the root only by pinching your selected curl. Try not to disturb the end of your curls too much, this may create frizz and disrupt your definition. Use the opposite hand to aim the clip in the direction of your section. For example: if you are applying the clips to the right side of your head, use your left hand and visa versa.

TOP TIP: holding your head out to the side will make It easier to find your section.

how to clip curly hair

Step 4. Insert each Kozma Curl Clip

Using your free hand, pick up your clip and apply firmly into the root area. Make sure the mouth of the clip is always facing the parting (this will also make removal of the clips easier later on). When positioning the clips to the root, make sure the clip is applied sideways not flat. For instance, if you apply the clip in a flat way then it will not give you any root lift. Once secured correctly, your clip should be sitting on its side. Top tip: the closer to the root the more secure your clip will be.

how to use clips for curly hair volume

Step 5. Repeat

Repeat in all desired areas. Remember to use the hand on the opposite side of your head to hold your section up.

how to apply hair clips
Find your section, pinch curl root to prepare for clip insetion
how to apply clips for curly hair
Slide clip in, careful not to disturb curl too much.

Bonus Tip

In addition, to defy all laws of gravity and to create extreme root volume, we have a bonus tip: apply two clips to each curl section. Secure in an ‘X’

how to apply clips to curly hair roots

Clip like a pro check-list

  • Take your section from the root only
  • Always use the opposite hand to the side of the head you are applying the clips
  • Make sure your clip is inserted on the side rather than the traditional flat way
  • The closer to the root the better the results
  • Mouth of the clip should always be facing the parting
  • Apply more rows for all over volume

Once applied in your desired areas, dry as desired. You can opt to air dry, or dry with a diffuser for quicker results.

Clips should only be removed when your hair is completely dry!

To finish:

Remove the clips the same way you applied them. Make sure you open the clips first before pulling them out because the clip could tangle and you could lose a few strands of hair otherwise! Shake, shake, shake!!

And now you know how to achieve root volume with curly hair! Oh and finally… If you are blessed with tons of curls, we highly recommend you count how many Kozma Curl Clips you apply so you know how many to remove! Nobody wants a little sneaky one accidentally left in there!

Tah Dah!! There you have it!

So there you have it, how to correctly apply the kozma curl clips in 5 easy steps! Share your voluminous results with us, we would love to see what you have created. @kozmacurl


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