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We know there is a lot of anticipation surrounding the products… so we decided to celebrate by creating a fun contest where you can WIN some amazing prizes (don’t forget to go sign up!) We’ve created a sign up bonus game, where you can perform certain actions on social media, youtube, etc to earn bonus points! The more points you have, the higher your chances of winning a prize! Even signing up for our blog earns bonus points- so please make sure you do that!

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“When are you launching?”

Good question. We are being asked this all the time. We were due to launch this month actually (may 2020). Unfortunately the last few months the whole world was struck hard by the Corona Virus (COVID19) and many companies had to close down. Our salons and manufacturer included.

Regarding our products, our manufacturer had to close down for the safety of the workers during the dates our products were scheduled to be processed. We are disappointed that this has pushed back our launch date because of the delays COVID19 has caused, but we are understanding and grateful to our manufacturer who have kept us updated the entire time – and, we are happy to say everyone working at our manufacturing lab has stayed safe and healthy.

Recently, it appears things are slowly returning to normal in various parts of the world, this means people will be allowed back to work. We expect a matter of weeks until our products can be made and shipped to us. Even though this is only a estimate currently, we have remained hopeful. We look forward to sharing the good news with you.

We hope everyone reading this has stayed safe and healthy during COVID19. For now, we must wait for the products. Meanwhile while we all wait for them, we will have some fun prizes up for grabs!!

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