You’ve probably heard you need to avoid silicone’s for Curly hair, or that Silicone’s are bad for curly hair. But do you know why?

Read on to find out why silicone’s can lock out moisture and you can decide for yourself if silicone’s are bad for curly hair

What is a Silicone?

Silicone’s are man-made chemicals synthesized in factories. They can also have properties made from minerals and are modified by man. They can be made of many different things. Not all silicone’s are created equal. Some product brands cut corners by adding cheap silicone ingredients. The cheaper the silicone, the worse the effects.

Why are Silicone’s found in hair care products on the market?

Pros: They provide great slip, and can be used in products to help detangle. By coating each strand, silicones combat frizz by ‘’water-proofing’’ hair and lock the negative effects of humidity out, which you may find helpful to prevent frizz

Why should I avoid Silicone’s?

Cons: Most silicones are not water-soluable. Meaning, they build up on the hair and are not removed by water and cleansers. It’s not good for curly hair because the coating on the hair acts as a sealant, and builds up over time- blocking moisture from entering- not good as curls desperately need moisture and hydration. Nutrients cannot get in, and over time curls can become brittle and break. And when air cant get in, it can cause suffocation of the strands. Silicones will also weigh the hair down, rendering curls dull and lifeless. That is why silicone’s are bad for curly hair, and are part of our list of Things You Should Not Do With Curly Hair.

Your gorgeous curls deserve special care

How can I avoid Silicone’s?

Read the back of your product ingredients list carefully; look for words ending in ‘cone,’ ‘conol’, ‘xane’.

At Kozma Curl, our Defining Gel was made with a very innovative silicone free formulation, exclusively for Kozma Curl. This took over 2 years to achieve in the lab. We wanted the results to be similar or same as the silicone-based gels we were using in the salon, but without the silicone ingredients. 

We removed silicone’s and re-balanced with other high-quality ingredients. At the same time we added “Hemisqualane” (INCI C13-15 Alkane): sustainable alternative to silicone’s, it’s made via fermentation of sugar cane. We also added natural coconut oil.

We are extremely proud of our silicone alternatives and bio-based emollients. We were able to create a gel that provides slip, definition and hold, and a protective invisible shield on the hair that is very lightweight. Our gel is also compatible with the rest of the Kozma Curl product line.

Silicones can be a magnet for oil and dirt- we have found our ingredients repel oil and dirt. In this research, the properties used will help curly consumer habits of going longer between washes. Less cleansing, less damage and less time spent on the hair- this is inline with the Kozma Curl Method and our principle philosophies- which translates to beautiful, healthy curls.

Kozma Curl products are made with Love

At Kozma Curl, we were very careful to formulate our ingredients based on what would be beneficial to you and your curls. There were certain ingredients we were determined to not include in our products because of the negative impact they have on curly hair. Silicones, sulfates and parabens were not included in our products because they can be harsh, stripping, drying, build up on the hair and block moisture from entering. All of our products are made with love.


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