Curly hair tips are what this blog is all about… but what is Kozma Curl about? Who are we?

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“Don’t fight your curls, celebrate them!”

these are the words we live by.

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Kozma Curl Salons

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We are leaders at the forefront of the curl revolution. Proudly, we are the first and only curly hair salons in the mena region, and have curly hair salons sprinkled throughout, with stylists who were trained at the Kozma Curl Academy. We are proudly curl whisperers… curl nerds… curl guru’s… curl heros.

There is a powerful movement happening right now! Women everywhere are slowly awakening to the idea that they can embrace their natural hair texture.

Our job is to empower women with the knowledge and curly hair tips to care for and style their hair, so their hair looks amazing beyond the salon.

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Kozma Curl Method

We have studied and experimented with curly hair since 2007.

Over the years, a special method of working with curly hair was developed, we have very special techniques we have created to cut, color, style, and care for… curly hair. #kozmacurlmethod

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We hope you enjoy reading our blog and learn some curly hair tips.

Please join us, wherever you are on the curl journey.


The Kozma Curl Team